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>11/29/10 Simple Clarity

>11/29/10 Inspired by a poem I heard..
memories flow gracefully from ones body as the words are written by pen…scars torn open to flow again…hands grasping and embracing. New beginnings start again.
Inspiration is but a butterfly learning to use its wings:)
memories flow gracefully
from one’s body as the
words are written by pen
scars torn open to flow again
hands grasping and embracing
new beginnings, start again

inspiration is but a butterfly
learning to use its wings

free flow words
bleed onto the page
in the book of regret

sadness flows freely
as the madness begins
clarity is sought
in a web spun of dead ends
knowledge is power
of creation or destruction
you pick your poison

pen strokes flee the
paper unnaturally
the words are spun
in the air
creating a spell
to disrupt the flow
of thoughts in my head

fantasy eludes my grasp
as I fight off reality
my relief comes slowly
in the form of a light
a beacon in the never ending
storm of despair

clarity is found again in the
simplest of dreams
where it was there waiting
for me to seek it
peace enfolds me as
the realization sinks in
that I’m not alone

once again,
I’m closer
to truth
that I thought
was lost in trails of

Misdirection disguised
as a fork in the road.
Follow my instincts
and everything works
out as it should.

So the ending is
really a beginning.
A transformation of sorts
Complication becomes
It always was.
Just needed to ask the
right questions.

As always, my words written are unknown to me until I read them back. It’s like my muse follows me into enlightenment and types with her fingers through me. Words become sentences and sentences become paragraphs. Simple yet complicated. I can’t describe the feeling. I just feel my fingers type and don’t know what is written until the end. Profound words of wisdom disguised in poetry.
What is your muse and inspiration? Please comment and share.
Until next time, Earth

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Extraordinary girl in an ordinary world. I'm a mom, part-time poet/writer, and earth goddess-protector of the furries and like.

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