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>11/30/10 Ode to the Muse

Ode to the Muse

the pale form stands
at the edge of the
forest of introspection.
She whispers a prayer
as the breeze
plays with her hair.
A moment of thought
she breathes life
into the lines of the
Blank canvas becomes
a kaleidoscope of
Dreams become
Pictures become words
And so the ocean
of inspiration flows.
Never-ending just
ebbing and flowing
A mirror stands
by the wheel of time
as she looks in the
Another world is
born from her eyes
her fingers grasp
the pen
Her mouth forms
the words that
beg to be written
Her fate hangs in
balance as she
Birds fly in
read the words
in the sand
and fly into
Trilling her song
to the masses.
She waits and
watches to see
who can hear the
poetry in the music
The select few
who understand
the words in the
music energize her.
Her life is brought
forth from those.
Her spirit flies
towards reality.
I am one of the few
And her shadow
stands behind me
Watching my fingers
Whispering her power
within me.
The page is then
filled for the readers
of this world.
Her hope swells
Her power grows
And the beauty and
magic is found again.
Freedom is gained.
For this moment in time.

I was sitting her waiting for my computer to load and this flowed from my fingers. A whispering of a dream. My creative energy is vitalized for this moment in time. Tell me about your muse.

Until next time,



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Extraordinary girl in an ordinary world. I'm a mom, part-time poet/writer, and earth goddess-protector of the furries and like.

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