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Author Interview Policy

I have had many questions about my author interview policy. So I decided to add a quick rundown of what I do on author interviews and the things I need for when I post the interviews.


Normally, I do an author interview and book giveaway. For this I email you a list of questions usually 10-12 questions, part of them are book related and the rest are just random quirky questions so the readers can get to know you as a person and not just as a machine who pushes out books to make a deadline. As an author myself, I would rather my readers get to know me and why I write. As a reader, I like to get to know the person behind the words.


My interviews are usually put on Google documents where the author can read them and edit them right from Google documents. Then I just upload the interview onto my page from there.


When you have answered the questions, send me an email at earthsbooknook at gmail dot com and send the following things.


Website Info

Social Media Links

Book cover jpeg

Bio and picture if available

Amount of books you would like to giveaway. I usually give away ecopies but if you want to send a paperback just let me know. Generally the author gives me permission to giveaway 1-5 books. Some even giveaway one book to each commenter. This is at the author’s discretion.


The other thing I ask is for the author to share my blog link on their social media to get more exposure. I have a large Facebook and Twitter following but my blog is only 100+ followers.



If you have any other questions, please email me at earthsbooknook at gmail dot com.




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