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 Today, I’m pleased to introduce Jon Reisfeld, author of The Last Way Station. Read further for his take on Online Book Marketing.  Tomorrow I will also feature his book trailer and an audio reading of a passage in his book as well as a giveaway. Stay tuned!!!

Guest Blog by Jon Reisfeld
TakingOnline Book Marketing to the Next Level with the Launch of TheLast Way StationMega Book Tour
Years ago, as a reporter for BaltimoreMagazine, I learned an important lesson about the positive role’critical mass’ sometimes plays in business. I was interviewing theupbeat owner of a prominent downtown art gallery, who had just toldme how “delighted” she was that several new art gallerieshad recently opened up nearby, in the city’s tony Charles Streetneighborhood.
I raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t theyyour competitors?”
“Not really,” she said. “Weall specialize in different niches. More importantly, their presenceadds to the neighborhood’s overall draw as an art-buying destination.We are finally approaching critical mass!”
In other words, the presence of justone or two art galleries in the neighborhood was not sufficient to”register” with passersby. But if half-a-dozen or moregalleries suddenly set up shop in the space of a few blocks, theycould redefine the entire area as an “art district.” Inshort order, the theory goes, chic bistros, trendy tapas bars andsophisticated coffee shops also would take root, completing thearea’s transformation by deepening its art-shopping ambience andappeal.
Applying “Strength in Numbers”to Online Book Marketing
Recently, I wondered, ‘could theprinciple of ‘critical mass’ do the same thing for online bookmarketing that it once did for the art galleries of downtownBaltimore? Could it help self-published/indie authors, with limitedmarketing funds, achieve greater visibility and enhanced sales?
To find out, on January 4th, I launched”The Last Way Station Mega Book Tour and Indie-Author Showcase”a 60-day book marketing group “experiment.” The Mega BookTour and Showcase scraps the traditional “lone-ranger”book-marketing mode favored by authors and publishers — and oftenachieves limited visibility — and replaces it with a large-scaleteam effort.
Instead of focusing on a single author,the Mega Book Tour book blogger events will frequently featuremultiple authors, who will participate in panel discussions,roundtables, reader challenges and much more.
The Indie Author Showcase
Meanwhile, the Tour’s website houses anIndie Author Showcase, dedicated to highlighting the talents,contributions and books from as many as 60 up-and-coming indieauthors. My company, Marketing Advisory Group, LLC, is sponsoring theevent at no cost to the authors, except for costs associated withsupplying a few ebook and paperback giveaways.). Numerous linksconnect site visitors to the authors’ websites, blogs, sample bookchapters, Goodreads profiles, and their books’ sell pages.Readers can even use the site’s comment fields to start one-on-onedialogs with the authors about their featured books. (Notice: NeitherJon Reisfeld nor Marketing Advisory Group, LLC are an Amazon.comaffiliates. They earn NO AFFILIATE FEES associated with the sale ofbooks purchased on through the tour site’s links.)
How the Tour Got Its Name
The Mega Book Tour coincides with, and,in part, promotes, the launch of my novelette, “The Last WayStation.” That’s why its formal name mentions my book. Byworking together to promote the tour, participating authors andbloggers, can benefit from exposure to a pooled audience thatpotentially includes every contact in their collective socialnetworks.
The Sweepstakes
To create excitement, The Mega BookTour also is sponsoring a sweepstakes that offers a Kindle-Fire asGrand Prize. Everyone who applies gets one free Sweepstakes entry,but participants can earn extra chances by: promoting the Tour onTwitter or Facebook and by purchasing featured books or writing andposting reviews. (For more information, click here.) Site goes liveon Tuesday, January 10th). [link to site: ]
Why Promote Indie Authors?
Unlike traditionally published authors,who must write books with an eye to “mass appeal,” Indieauthors can write books that target smaller, niche audiences. Thisextra freedom allows them to produce more creative and varied,off-beat offerings. They often price their books lower thanmainstream authors, offering the public a better value. Indie authorsare highly accessible and interested in engaging with, and respondingto, readers.
Indie Authors also face added marketinghurdles. Many book bloggers and editorial outlets will not reviewIndie Author books, or accept ebooks as review copies. Many onlinereader communities and book retailer sites frown upon, or sharplylimit, opportunities for self-published authors to self-promote. Atthe same time, many of these sites establish policies that favorcoverage for mainstream authors over self-published ones.
The book bloggers involved in “TheLast Way Station Mega Book Tour and Indie Author Showcase”support indie authors. So please attend the book tour events,promote the book stops and book bloggers to your networks and help usgive Indie Authors the added visibility they deserve.

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