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Reverb Review by Jeri Cafesin  

Blurbfrom Goodreads
JamesMichael Whren is brilliant, beautiful, wealthy, and taken-with himself, or moreprecisely, his genius for creating music. The object of desire for many,James’s greatest passion is for his muse. But on the evening after hisbrother’s funeral, his father turns his life upside down, and James is leftabandoned in hell with no one to save him. James finally escapes, and on hisrun for freedom he’s forced to confront the man he was as he seeks asylum fromold friends and ex-lovers. Humbled and almost defeated, he finds refuge on asmall Greek island. But with solitude comes madness. Then James meetsElisabeth. Reverb is a story of redemption, and follows one man’s extraordinaryjourney of emotional growth through his discovery of his capacity to love.

My thoughts

Firstoff, I have to say this isn’t my usual genre but the music element intrigued meso I decided to read it. The book wasn’t what I expected. Once you get past theslow moving plot, you find an emotional tale about a man’s obsession and theroads he has to travel to find himself again. He meets Elisabeth and her sonCameron on a small Greek island and slowly moves closer to that goal. This wasan emotional read and I really enjoyed reading it. Jeri weaves a grippingemotional roller coaster ride.
Igive this book 4 fairy rating as I didn’t get into it as much as I thought Iwould but it was a good read nonetheless.

About Heather Powers

Extraordinary girl in an ordinary world. I'm a mom, part-time poet/writer, and earth goddess-protector of the furries and like.

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  1. Ooh I think I'd buy this just for the tasty guy on the cover! That makes me very shallow doesn't it? Great review by the way.http:\\

  2. Great review and I tend to agree wiht Liz the guy on the cover certainly draws you in lol !!WIll be chekcing this one out !kat


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