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Laura Sullivan Interview and Giveaway

Laura Sullivan Interview andGiveaway

 Today, I would like to welcome Laura Sullivan to my blog for an insightfulinterview. She has graciously donated a copy of her book to every commenter.One lucky commenter will receive a signed paperback copy. Make sure to leaveyour email address in your comment for the signed paperback copy. Fill out the Rafflecopter Form below!!

Did you alwayswant to be a writer? If so, what medium did you choose to write? Poetry, ShortStories, Novellas, Novels??
I’ve wanted tobe a writer ever since I learned how to write, and though I’ve written quite afew short stories (some are out now under the name LuLu Sullivan) my main focushas always been novels. I’ve been writing one book or another since my earlyteens. I’m no good at serious poetry, though I have a knack for doggerel!
What was theinspiration for your book, Brightwing?
Brightwing is anode to my home state, Florida, and though it is set in the present day, itdraws on the thousands of years of Florida’s inhabited history. It is about theparts of Florida that are lost, and the parts that are still holding on. Well,actually it is about a bad-ass girl and her criminal lover, but there arealways several layers of storytelling going on!
What is yourfavorite genre to read?
I readeverything. My favorites are fat Victorian novels, historicals, and most YA.
Do you preferto be indie published, self-published, or traditional published?? Why?
I’veexperimented with traditional and self-publishing, and both certainly havetheir place. Overall, I’m sticking with traditional for most of my projects. Itis great to have a skilled team behind your book, and for my MG and YA work,I’m lucky enough to have an editor with mad skills, who does so much to polishmy books to gem-quality. But not all books mesh with the traditional publishingworld. There are some stories that don’t fit neatly on any shelf, but stillinsist on being written, have literary merit, and a niche audience. I have a MGand a YA that I’ve written, that I’m crazy about, but which haven’t connectedwith a publisher yet. I’m still considering possibilities, but I might self-publishthem in the next year or so.
Did you everexperience a major life changing event? If so, did that impact your writing atall?
When I had myson four years ago, I thought I’d never have time to write (or sleep) again.But work expands to fill the available time, and contracts again just aseasily. I wound up getting almost as much done during his nap time as I used toworking all day. It taught me how to discipline myself. He’ll be startingschool soon, and it will be interesting to see if my productivity increases orif it just takes me six hours to write the thousand words I now write in anhour.
If you couldbe a book genre, which one would you choose and why?
Be a genre? I love that question! I’d be fantasy, ofcourse – anything can happen!
If the worldwas on the edge of extinction, how would you survive??
I’m pretty intosurvival, in a theoretical way, at least. Researching for Brightwingtaught me to start fires and knap flint and hunt pigs – but I’ve never actuallydone it. And I can identify a lot of edible plants – but I never actually eatthem. I think I’d make out fairly well, once I got used to the lack of hotbaths. I have no problem eating grubs and grasshoppers, so I’ll probably dobetter than the people who are trying to hunt deer.
What advicewould you give to other aspiring writers like myself??
Read everythingyou can get your hands on, and write every day, even if it is only in yourhead. Seriously, imaginary writing helps! You know those studies where peoplevisualize free-throws for ten minutes a day, and then when they actually get onthe court they can make more baskets? It works with writing, too. Createdialogue even when you’re away from your computer. Describe everything you seeas if you were putting it in your novel. The down side of mental book-craftingis that a lot of good writing gets lost, but everything helps improve yourcraft.
What otherprojects do you have on the horizon??
Under my realname, Laura L. Sullivan, I have a lot coming out in the next year. The middle gradefantasy Guardian of the Green Hill (a sequel to Under the Green Hill)will be out October 25. Then in 2012 I have two young adult historicals – thebawdy Ladies in Waiting in May, and the WWII fantasy Delusion inthe fall.
I’m working onan adult paranormal thriller for Sullivan Lee that I hope to have ready sometime next year.
Tell us about5 books that changed your life in some way??
I’ll talk aboutthe books or authors that changed me as a writer (as opposed to those thatchanged me as a person.)
Richard Adams’ Maiataught me how thorough and magical world-building can be.
E. Nesbit’sbooks taught me how to make writing timeless, not old-fashioned.
KathleenWinsor’s Forever Amber taught me how to dive wholeheartedly intohistory.
C.S. Lewis’ Chroniclesof Narnia taught me how many layers a simple story can have.
AnthonyTrollope, who wrote 40-something novels, most around 300,000 words long, allwhile working a full-time job, taught me to be disciplined in my writing.
If you couldtime travel, what time period would you go to and why??
I’m fascinatedby Rome right now – the late Republic and early Empire. If I went back in time,I’d have to go somewhere/when that women’s lots were pretty good. There aren’ta lot of time periods to choose from! Rome was better than a lot of eras. Womencould own property, get divorced… wealthy women, that is. Poor women havenever had it very good.
And a fun one,what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse?
Probably becomea zombie too, and revel in the consumption of braaiiiinsss!
Thank you somuch for having me at Earth’s Book Nook. I’ve had a great time visiting!
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