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Laurie Bowler Guest Post

Laurie BowlerGuest Post on Writing

I’dlike to welcome Laurie Bowler to my blog today with a guest post on writing.Please give her some love and buy her books at Amazon.

  I would like to introduce myself. My name isLaurie Bowler and I live in the United Kingdom. I write horror and Paranormalfantasy, all of which I thoroughly enjoy and I can create as many amazingworlds and different characters and creatures that inspire me to continue towrite.

  Every day is different in my writing world,and I find some of my stories taking directions that I didn’t originally plan.When I first sit down to write a story I don’t have a story plan, neither isthere ever written down any of the characters, my stories are free style andthen edited to create the best polished story that you can read. Editing is themost important aspect, there is nothing quite like holding a wonderful storythat is edited well, don’t you agree?

  Writing my new genre Horror, that I haverecently crossed over into has been inspiring and certainly a huge experience,as we know most horror stories are incredibly graphical and detailed so theexperience is suspenseful and thrilling. I didn’t plan to ever write horrorbecause I started out in paranormal fantasy, but I woke up one day and decidedI wanted to create something graphical, scary which meant the detail of the descriptionshad to be unique so I can give an amazing experience to anyone who reads it.

  And, so I started on the horror scene,creating Bloodthirsty Gruesome Tales, the cover is awesome and creepy not tomention downright scary, but I love it. The only difference with this story isit does cross over the 2 genres, it has creatures in there that are paranormalbut the way they are is defined as horror, and the book is a collection ofshort stories that I had intense fun to create.

  And then I moved onto create Death Bite andthen as I started to gain confidence in my writing skills inside this new andexciting genre I wrote Hacked Up that has just been released, both of these aregory and definitely not for the faint hearted! Above all I have had lots of fun!

  With Death Bite, I had an idea that writingsomething with Zombies as the featuring storyline would be a bit like anicebreaker to start my writing getting into the right direction in the horrorscene, and so it began. I will admit at first I thought I was going to puke, Iput that much detail I gave myself nightmares and my stomach turned over withevery chapter that I wrote.

  Normally I only write paranormal stories butI felt like having a change, I will be publishing plenty of new paranormalstories in the next few weeks but I need to get over my newly acquired horrorbug first.

Hereis the synopsis:

Jessica Hargreaves knows a thing or two about being a strongwoman. But as a deadly epidemic sweeps across the world, she is put to the testas the flesh eaters rise from the dead and begin to consume the living flesh ofthe people they encounter. Can Jessica and her small band of survivors escapethe evil that is rising across the land or will she be consumed by the unholyhunger of the damned?

And the link:




  Hacked Up, this was a sudden idea and I satdown one night and decided to start writing this little number. It has turnedout, in my opinion anyway, to be much better than I had originally anticipated.However, you people can let me know your thoughts!

  The storyline itself sprang up from almostnowhere, and the flow just came to me, it was a consistent flow and I certainlyenjoyed it. I also gave myself nightmares writing this one too, but I cannotseem to stop writing in the horror genre now that I have started!

  The main character Allie leaves her smalltown due to being harassed by an unknown source and she is seeking peace. Shemoves to a countryside small house, and this is where the fun begins.

  For years rumours have circulated about thehouse opposite hers, some say it is haunted, others say an old man inhabitsinside, while others warn against going near the property due to the screams ofterror and the pungent smell from outside! You will have to read the story tofind out what happens to Allie!

  I would say this story is definitely the mostfun, and the most gory to read and for me to write.
Hereis the Synopsis and the links:

  Allie Bateslongs for the peace and solitude from the strange stalker that had been sendingcrude and malicious messages and so she leaves her life behind in the city andmoves to the country.
  Allie moved opposite a strange andintensely dark house opposite, the first of the nightmare soon begin with thestrange sounds of screaming.
  Rising from curiosity and intrigue she ventures to investigate and then findsherself deep inside a nightmare she wished would end soon.
  Will Allie ever be able to escape thenightmare and the constant torture? Or is she destined for death? Who is thepsychopathic person that inhabits the house opposite?

 I’m also working on some titles right now, andI hope they will be published by the end of the month. I’m planning onreleasing Sliced or Diced: A Real Slasher, Blood Fusions (the series), VampireHunter, Locum: Post Bite, and Death Bite 2.

Therest of my titles are called:

Moon Rising, sunrise to Sunset, Golden Horizons, Serena Embracing Darkness, Depths of Darkness, Fangs Inc, Locum, Order of Blood, Volcan Knights, Vanquished, Vanquished The New Beginning, Across the City series parts 1-4, Bloodthirsty Gruesome Tales.


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  1. Well I have to say your writing is definitely on my radar – thank you for sharing with us today and for the fun and interesting books out there 🙂


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