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Are magic and romance really so separate? In thisrich fantasy novel, Tad Williams–New York Times bestselling author of To GreenAngel Tower–explores the tangled roots of sorcery and passion, and gives us anastonishing answer. Caliban is the Beast who finds in Prospero’s daughter,Miranda, the Beauty to whom he tells his incredible story–an extraordinarytale of dark desires and shining wizardry

My thoughts on this book:

  As a Tad William’s fan of many years, I wasexcited to have the opportunity to read Caliban’s Hour. The book was gifted tome by Tad’s wonderful wife Deborah Beale who I have corresponded with onFacebook. She took the time to critique my poetry which I appreciated verymuch. They have decided to jump on the e-book train with the reissue of Caliban’sHour to digital format.
  Another take on “The Tempest” by Shakespeare, the storyis told from Caliban’s perspective. Tad Williams delivers a masterful storyretelling that pulls you into the mind of Caliban. I was pulled into the storyimmediately with the intricate descriptions of people and places. You feel asif you are immersed in Caliban’s world and see reality from his perspective.
  The story begins with Caliban’s journey from hisisland to the darkly rich landscape of Naples, Miranda’s & Prospero’s world. Here he again meets up with Miranda, anunwitting victim of Caliban’s revenge. He proceeds to tell her his story andwhy he comes to be there. You soon learn that love turns to hate, and that theyboth merge to complete the cycle of vengeance.
  I couldn’t help but find myself on Caliban’s sideand felt that he was an unwitting victim to circumstance. I applauded hisreasons for doing what he does in the end.

  If you are a fan of Tad, this is a must read. Hisworld building skills and descriptions do exactly as a good story should. Hepulls you into the character’s heart and soul and leaves you wanting more.

  I gave this masterpiece a 5 fairy rating as it didexactly as it should and allowed me to escape into Caliban’s world.

Tad Williams has held more jobs than any saneperson should admit to—singing in a band, selling shoes, managing a financialinstitution, throwing newspapers, and designing military manuals, to name justa few. He also hosted a syndicated radio show for ten years, worked in theaterand television production, taught both grade-school and college classes, andworked in multimedia for a major computer firm. He is cofounder of aninteractive television company, and is currently writing comic books and filmand television scripts as well as novels.
Tad and his wife, Deborah Beale, live in the SanFrancisco Bay Area with their children and far more cats, dogs, turtles, petants and banana slugs than they can count

Source: Goodreads

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