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Aubrie Dionne’s Guest Post-Powerhouse Couple in Sci-Fi

I’m pleased to have Aubrie Dionne on my blog today for a guest post. Don’t forget to answer her question at the end of the post.

Powerhouse Couples in Sci fi

A great science fiction romance has a hero and a heroine that are both strong, independent characters that ultimately conquer the bad guys and fall in love. In Paradise 21, I wrote my own powerhouse couple: Striker and Aries, and you’ll have to read it to see how they become a couple and if they are successful.

Below I’ve found three of the greatest power house couples in sci fi. Two of the pairs succeed in their endeavors, and one pair are the bad guys themselves!


Sci fi Couple #1


Hans Solo and Princess Leia from Star Wars

He’s a smuggler, she’s a princess and the secret daughter of the ruler of the Empire. She thinks he’s in it for the money, and he thinks she’ s a spoiled rotten snob that only cares about herself. Boy are they both wrong. Together, they take over the control station on Endor and bring down the shields for the fleet to attack the Star Destroyer.


Sci fi Couple #2

Daniel and Sha’uri from Stargate

Daniel is a scientist from our time, and Sha’uri is from the alternate desert planet, displaced from her home planet of Earth thousands of years ago by a selfish alien who wanted his own race of slaves. Sha’uri is betrothed to Daniel, and he isn’t aware of their pairing until much later. He rejects her not even knowing her intentions, and later learns that she didn’t tell the tribe about his rejection. When she tells him, he kisses her, in my favorite scene.

Sha’uri teaches Daniel their ancient language, which, in turn, helps him bring his people back home and defeat the alien. She leads a rebellion in her village, and Daniel decides to stay with her at the end. This is a sweet, yet powerful and successful sci fi couple that shouldn’t be underestimated, especially if you’re an alien!


Sci fi Couple #3

Dame Vaako and Vaako from Chronicles of Riddick

Out of all three couples, this one looks the most intimidating. Dame Vaako is a power hungry wife that plans her own husband’s rise to power. She encourages him to get close to the leader of the Necromancers, and find his weakness, so he can kill him. Because, if you’re a necromancer, you keep what you kill, and if her husband can kill the leader, he, in turn, will become the new leader, and they will be the ultimate powerhouse couple of them all.

If it wasn’t for Riddick, they would have succeeded!


My question to you is: Who are your favorite powerhouse couple? (Doesn’t have to be sci fi!)








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  1. Thank you for hosting me!

  2. My favorite powerhouse couple is tie between Buffy and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Sookie and Eric from The Sookie Stackhouse series (or True Blood show)


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