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I had the pleasure of reading Hunter & The Elf Queen by Kender MacGowan and found myself drawn into this stanza about love. It’s more than a poem it’s a feeling. Kender’s writing flows effortlessly and creates a wonderful description of love gained and love lost. It takes a talented wordsmith to appeal to my poetic appetite as poetry was my first writing medium. His words paint a beautiful masterpiece and pulls me right into the Hunter’s search for his love. Poetry has to flow and create a world for me in a few short lines to capture my interest. I would recommend this wonderful painting to anyone who loves to read a story within a poem. It has otherworldly elements that appeal to anyone who has a whimsical nature about their person. I give this piece 5 fairies and hope to read more of Kender’s words. Brilliant wordsmith Kender and I am proud to know you even if only online. I imagine we would have quite the conversation in a pub sometime.

About Heather Powers

Extraordinary girl in an ordinary world. I'm a mom, part-time poet/writer, and earth goddess-protector of the furries and like.

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  1. Oh I would love to read his work Hunter and The Elf Queen. Thanks for Sharing Heather!

  2. Diana did you fill out my comment form on my giveaway post??


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