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>4/16/11 Ramblings & "The Walk"


Since it’s been forever and a day since I wrote my blog. I’m writing randomly today. Yesterday was the day from hell. Ry tried to go to a job fair for a local company and it wasn’t at all what he expected. They want him to pay for some 75 dollar skill aptitude test with no guarantee of a job. He ended up standing in line yesterday in the cold wind with over 200 more people. He wasn’t a happy camper. Then my white car broke down yet again on his way back home. It just keep getting worse as the day went on. I hate the fact that for a bit everything works out for us then it goes to shit. It is hard to keep a positive thought in my head. Despair is just edging closer to me. If the job market doesn’t materialize for him, we may have to relocate and that is my very last resort. Lucky we have a house over our heads and an awesome friend who is being very patient with us. I’m thankful for the roof of my head and my job. I know other people have it so much worse than us but it doesn’t help sometimes when shit keep piling up. I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel but my flashlight keeps threatening to dim. This should be a perfect time for me to write…depression one of the nectars of good writing.
So I’m listening to pagan radio network and trying to relax and pray that things will look up for us. That’s all we can do.
The Japan crisis preyed on my mind yesterday. More earthquakes. Mother Nature cleaning house. I hate to say it but it just looks more and more like it. We are all moving forward one way or another. Transformation to me. Armageddon for others. From my own personal experience when you don’t choose to listen to the forces of nature, they MAKE you listen eventually even if it takes a few years. Humans are so arrogant that think they can control mother nature. You cannot control the mother she has been around for eons

Now for a bit of writing. This is not a complete poem as of yet.
The Walk
Copyright 2011 Heather Powers
I see you in my dreams.
A smattering of energy
Consuming me
A flicker here, a flicker there
Tantalizing me
The could have and might have been
Appear before me provocatively
Misspent youth haunting my thoughts
Regrets follow me silently.
A lighted path appears before me
Encouraging freedom
Thought patterns changing as
The world moves on
A doorway waits invitingly
My steps are small
Time slows down
Clock hands paused.
Knowledge flows in
Clock hands begin again
Another step finished
Shadows edge close
Wanting for energy
To wane.
Light beckons and
Fills my being
Shadows move back
But wait in silence
The walk continues.

Until next time, as always, I remain Earthwindwalker.

About Heather Powers

Extraordinary girl in an ordinary world. I'm a mom, part-time poet/writer, and earth goddess-protector of the furries and like.

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  1. >I am sorry you are troubled I wish you comfort & hope that Ry soon finds work. Your poem is full of emotion. Namaste…


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