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>The Encounter

>Inspired by Nocturne by Secret Garden

The Encounter

Inspired by Nocturne by Secret Garden
The Encounter

In the forest

a song..

a twinkling and laughter

the wind blows thru my hair

the smell of blossoms a prayer..

A light appears and then solidfies

I see a smile

a glowing face appears…

she holds out her hand as I walk towards her

a haunting melody plays

we move in time with one another…

a peace fills me…

I dance as the wind blows..

my skirt behind me…

I get caught up in the music
and forget the time…

the light fades and moonlight shows,

We continue as the night flows.

The sun rises into a new day

she pulls me close and kisses my brow

Fades slowly away..

a tear falls down my cheek as she leaves

a whisper in my ear on the wind..

“I will always be here with you in your dreams..

“Never fear”

“Until next time sweet child…”

“Remember me and mine.”


About Earthwindwalker

Extraordinary woman in an ordinary world. Mom of 3 human kids, Caretaker of 5 felines, Part-time poet/writer, Earth Goddess:Protector of the fur-kind and the like, Oracle/Tarot Reader, Rune Apprentice, Dream-walker, Shamanic Practitioner, Co-Founder of The Hollow Tree Society

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